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Quality begins with expert preparation, attention to detail throughout the process and a demand for excellence. Our expert painters and body men work in partnership to ensure your repaired vehicle meets exacting standards…..OURS, before you even get to see the vehicle again.

With all the on-board computers and electronics in today’s vehicles it is imperative to properly prepare for repairs. Modern welders generate powerful voltage. To protect your vehicle we use a “weld safe” process to disconnect any devices and appliances (air bags) that could be damaged by excessive voltage.

Glass is removed and replaced by specially trained glass experts. They do one thing and do it exceptionally well — ensure the glass form is done correctly and remains leak-free following repairs.

The repaired surface is cleaned, polished, buffed, and cleaned again in multiple stages prior to moving into the paint booth.

image003A steady hand and a careful eye make all the difference in a beautiful paint job.

Damaged panels are removed and factory spot welds drilled out to prepare for sizing and splicing in the replacement panel.

After exacting trim-out the replacement panel is welded in place and spliced into the undamaged body. The welds are rough smoothed with multiple grades of grinder wheels.

Special body bond is mixed and applied by the body expert to fill gaps and create a surface blend at the splice of the new and undamaged body parts.

image004When this bond hardens and is finished, the splice is virtually undetectable when painted. Just try and find it!

Exact computer color matching determines our DuPont paint mix.

The repaired part is painted and the edges blended and feathered into the older paint. This creates a virtually undetectable paint job.


McLeod AutoBody knows we can only do as good a job for you as our equipment, facilities, and personnel are capable of. We demand the best of our personnel and provide them with equipment and tools that meet or exceed industry standards. Just as we ensure our personnel continually update their certifications and remain abreast of current information through our continuing education program, we aggressively test and maintain our equipment.


Our well-lit work area is kept fastidiously clean


Our tools are stored in well-organized rooms.


We have specially built mobile racks to keep all vehicle parts segregated and in a special storage area separate from the work area.


By isolating the parts removed during the repair, we keep the work area free of clutter, reduce the risk of work-site accidents, account for all the original vehicle parts, and speed the completion of the repair job during reassembly.


Collisions often include hidden frame damage. Our experts check the factory frame specifications with sophisticated computer controlled precision instruments to exacting specifications.

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About Us

McLeod AutoBody was founded and built in 1984 by Mark Cantrell. Prior to the establishment of this thriving collision repair business, Cantrell applied his attention to detail and exacting standards to restoring classic cars. Cantrell and his team of expert restorers worked tirelessly, preserving some of our automotive history’s greats. Several are particularly worthy of mention. . . . more